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Atheism A Critical Analysis by Stephen E. Parrish (z-lib.org).epub.pdf
(НА АНГЛИЙСКОМ!) Автор данной книги приводит доводы (философского характера) в пользу того ,что теизм является более лучшим объяснением существования упорядоченной вселенной,человеческого сознания и морали.Также в книге довольно подробно обсуждается и критикуется старый добрый аргумент от зла а также роль идеологии в формировании наших убеждений.Ниже привожу ее описание на английском языке:Does atheism have a monopoly on reason and science? Many think so—or simply assume so. Atheism? challenges the many hidden assumptions that have led to the popular belief that atheism is the “default” position for explaining reality. Delving into the most basic and fundamental questions of existence, this thought-provoking book explains that atheism does not and cannot provide a secure foundation for thought and life. Specifically, it demonstrates that atheistic theories cannot explain the existence of an ordered universe, the conundrums of consciousness and knowledge, or why there is morality or beauty. Rather than being the result of reason, atheism is shown to be, in effect, a revolt against reason. If you enjoy pondering the most basic issues that confront us in our world today, then Atheism? is the book for you.
"An incredible and well-informed read! Painstakingly researched, cognizant of the wide variety of relevant issues across the scope of this broad topic, and moving easily in and out of the philosophical depths involved here, Steve Parrish has compiled a multifaceted critique that must be reckoned with by naturalists. Highly recommended, indeed!"
—Gary R. Habermas, Distinguished Research Professor & Chair, Department of Philosophy, Liberty University

"In this accessible and even-handed work, Stephen Parrish closely compares the answers of atheism and theism to several fundamental questions. Why does the universe exist? Why does it contain consciousness, rational persons, moral values, and evil? Parrish shows that overall, theism, not atheism, provides the most rationally compelling account of the world we live in. Theists and atheists alike should engage this insightful and well-researched book."
—Angus Menuge, Professor and Chair of Philosophy, Concordia University Wisconsin
About the Author
Stephen Parrish is a professor of philosophy at Concordia University Ann Arbor. He is the author of God and Necessity and The Knower and the Known.
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Михаил, при всем уважении, но мне кажется не очень целесообразным открывать новую тему по каждой новой книге. Ну, невероятно предполагать, что по каждой книге откроется своя собственная ветка. Давайтек все же как-то обобщать и компоновать:)))
Сообщений: 3 Страница 1 из 1

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